Steel for customers all around the world

One of the most comprehensive silver steel stocks in Europe.

From the eastern Ruhr area to the whole world: As an International business, our products are sought by customers distributed all over the world. Month for month we produce approximately 700 tonnes of wire and 1.200 tonnes of strip steel. Roughly 60 percent of these quantities are delivered to customers in foreign countries – the remaining 40 percent are highly appreciated by our long term customers in Germany.

Since 2013, our company’s place of business has been located in Bönen, district Unna – just outside of Dortmund. We found excellent infrastructure and ideal conditions to make our production sustainable in the future. This gives us the opportunity to meet our customers‘ expectations and wishes even better.

The enormous operating area of roughly 5 hectare allows us to expand in the future. We have room to expand our stock capacities significantly, having already one of the most comprehensive silver steel stocks in Europe.

  • Edisonstr. 27 
  • Inlogparc 
  • 59199 Bönen, Germany