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Close to the customer – For more than 100 years

The history of our company, ever since it was founded by Gustav Müller in 1913, has been moulded by stability and constant development. The cold rolling mill (1934) and the steel strip tempering plant (1950) were added to the classic steel drawing plant of 1913. What defined our infrastructure back then, also affected our product range: hardened and tempered, cold-rolled and polished strip steel was added to our product portfolio in 1960.

The 1970s marked the transition into a new age. Following the construction of a large, new production factory, the cold rolled strip plant was put down in 1972. Two years later – 1974 – came the introduction of digital electronic data processing. 1976, certified engineer Wolfgang Müller took over the management in the third generation. The same year, considerable investment was made in Schumag automatic drawing machines. Another cold rolling stand was added in 1978.

In 1982 a strategic decision was made to expand the strip steel range. The separate strip steel polishing units were converted into in-line-polishing in 1984. In the mid 80s investments shaped the rest of the decade: the capacity of the tempering mill were expanded with an additonal lead bath tempering line and integrated polishing unit by Ebner. Two years later, began the operation of a slitting unit with integrated edge processing – lastly, a double vacuum batch annealing furnace for steel wire was added.

A further tempering line with an integrated polishing unit was installed in 1993. Finally, a Schumag edge processing mill (up to 25mm in diameter) and a fully automatic packaging and bundling line have completed the process.

In the first decade of the new millenium, an end working station for bars and eddy current test was added to the facility. The introduction of the shot blast descaling technology in 2005 replaced the chemical processes for wire. The tempering mill was extended by a logistics hall. After the sale of the business, the name of the company became Stahlwerk Unna GmbH & Co. KG.

In 2011, certified engineer Christian Köhler took control of the business. The Breitenbach drawing benches have been replaced by new, modern Schumag machines. In addition the rolling stands were dismantled and the planning for a new production plant at another location could finally begin.

The first groundbreaking step for the new plant was made in 2012. Moreover we added a new production facility for cutting to length. One year later - 2013 – the whole company moved to the new location in Edisonstraße 27 in Bönen (Industrial Area InlogParc).

  • Edisonstr. 27 
  • Inlogparc 
  • 59199 Bönen, Germany