Shaping the future sustainably

To rely on expertise and approach new challenges

As a family business with history reaching back more than 100 years we see it as our duty to look back into our history in order to actively shape the future and build a core of sustainability. We see ourselves as a long-term and reliable partner of our customers, suppliers and employees. Our actions are aimed at bringing lasting success and are characterised by our ambition to shape a sustainable future. We show the courage not to always rely on proven remedy, but also to discover things in new areas, without relinquishing our already won expertise and knowledge. With all that, our company is aimed towards safe and profitable growth, which is a requirement for a solid and successful perspective in the future. Our decisions are rationally justified, well thought-through and correspond to the basic thought of sustainability.

  • Edisonstr. 27 
  • Inlogparc 
  • 59199 Bönen, Germany