Steel for the industry

Reliable partner for many sectors

In a dynamic market development, Stahlwerk Unna has become a brand which many companies from numerous sectors trust. They all use our high quality steel as a high grade base material for the manufacturing of top notch quality final products. They appreciate long-termed business relationships just the way we do. And this way our quality steel is used in machines for the textile industry, drills, screwdrivers and such. Besides that, scoops, scrapers and saws are made from our steel. The automobile industry uses our strip steel to produce clutch springs and shock absorbers. Tool manufacturers rely on our quality steel when producing pressure and spray cast tools.

Food- industry

The highest demands - we manufacture stainless steel of the highest quality for the food industry.


Alloyed and unalloyed - we produce steel for the manufacture of tools, molds and standard parts.

Steel- service centre

Detailed answers to your questions - we will help you with all our experience you.

Woodworking industry

An ideal combination - the wood processing industry builds in hybrid constructions strengthened our steels

Automotive- industry

Partner of the most important German industrial sector - automobile manufacturers and suppliers trust in our quality..

Electrical - Engineering

Electrifying compounds - our partners from the electrical industry rely on the quality of our steels.

Mechanical Engineering

Heart of Germany's Mittelstand - the world leader use our quality and service for their products.

Manufactor of - Drill bits

Stone, wood or auger - high-quality steels are the basis for many quality tools.

Supplier to machine tool manufacturers

Partner to businesses - commercial buyers and distributors are warmly welcome. Direct your inquiries directly to our experienced specialists.

Paper and printing industry

make pressure - many businesses the paper and printing industries use the material properties of steel.

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