Flexible Partner for Hardened and Tempered Strip Steel

Competence in the thin strip manufacturing process

We are an appreciated and flexible partner for hardened and tempered strip steel with a special competence for thin strip steel manufacturing. We have acquired special abilities in the sector of environmentally friendly H2-technology.

Hardened and Tempered strip steel from 10 up to 540 millimeters counts as one of our main products. Applications include steel tape, saw blade strip steel, shock absorber strip steel, needle strip steel and circuit board strip steel. More products are narrow strips, thin strips, bars and rings.

The common theme to all our products is the requirement for high quality. We run hardening and tempering and polishing lines to give evenness and surface quality. Edged and longitudinal parts are treated similarly.

Grades and versions in the overview

Technical specifications  
Grades Quality, engineering steels and tool steels according to DIN EN 10132 C45E / C55E / C60E / C60S/ C67S / C75S / 75Cr1 / C80W1 / C100 / 51CrV4 / 58CrV4 / D6A Stainless martensitic stainless steels according to DIN EN 10151 1.4021 / 1.4028 / 1.4034 In addition, a variety of customized and use purpose-specific variants'
Versions cold rolled, non-hardened / hardened and tensile strengths up to 2.200 N/mm²
Surfaces blue-gray / blank / white polished / yellow / polished blue polished
Delivery forms bars / coils
Bevelling cut / chased / realigned / deburred / chamfered
Tolerances according to DIN EN 10140 or close
Dimension range Strip thickness: 0,10 - 3,0 mm width: 5,0 - 540 mm
Uses Spring steel, Sawing strip steel, hand tools, textile machinery, paper industry,
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